Awards and Honors

Research Awards

  1. Best Student Paper Award: Luiz F.O. Chamon, Santiago Paternain , Miguel Calvo-Fullana and Alejandro Ribeiro. “The Empirical Duality Gap of Constrained Statistical Learning”. In Proc. 45th International Conference on Acoustics, Speech, and Signal Processing, Barcelona, Spain, May 4-8 2020. (To appear)

  2. Best Doctoral Thesis, University of Pennsylvania. Joseph and Rosaline Wolfe Best Doctoral Dissertation Award. September 2019

  3. Best Student Paper Award: Santiago Paternain and Alejandro Ribeiro “Safe Online Navigation of Convex Potentials in Spaces with Convex Obstacles”, In proc. 56th Annual Conference on Decision and Control , vol.2473-2478. Melbourne, Australia. December 12-16 2017.

  4. Best Student Paper Award: Matías Tailanián, Santiago Paternain, Rodrigo Rosa and Rafael Canetti. “Design and Implementation of Sensor Data Fusion for an Autonomous Quadrotor,” In Proc Instrumentation and Measurement Technology Conference (I2MTC) , vol. 1431-1436. Montevideo, Uruguay May 12-15 2014.

Teaching Awards

  1. Best Teaching Assistant September 2017, University of Pennsylvania.

  2. CTL's Graduate Fellowship for Teaching Excellence 2018, University of Pennsylvania