I like to travel, both for business and pleasure. Recent exciting trips include the Galápagos Islands, Panama and Costa Rica, Spain, Japan and Turkey. I take tons of photographs on my trips, and really like the Olympus OM-D E-M5 micro four-thirds camera. Follow me on Instagram :)

Usually when I'm traveling I'm also looking for exciting places to eat. I've been to some fantastic Michelin-starred restaurants, back-alley sushi joints, and food trucks, but it's hard to beat the local food from our local farmer's market and home garden.

At the end of college, I learned how to make glass beads using a process called lampworking. In grad school I bought a kiln and made a lot of beads, both in my Princeton apartment and with friends at the Pennsylvania Guild of Craftsmen's craft center in Tyler State Park. Unfortunately, since becoming a professor, I haven't done much glasswork, but I still hope to set up a studio in my basement one of these days.

I enjoy math and logic puzzles, especially the type featured at the great free puzzle blog Grandmaster Puzzles. Similar puzzles can be found in magazines like Akil Oyunlari and Nikoli. This site has a lot of good online puzzles in a nice Javascript interface.

I also probably watch too much TV, including some shows I shouldn't publicly admit to watching. I miss the days of Lost. 4 8 15 16 23 42, if you know what I mean.