Useful technical data:
Physical constants
About SI units
Periodic table of elements-1
Periodic table of elements-2
Periodic table of elements-3
Periodic table of elements-alchemist
Eye sensitivity and color matching functions - Download data here
Materials - Insulators
Materials - Refractive index
Materials - Refractive index and extinction coefficient
Materials - Semiconductors - Silicon Germanium & GaAs
Materials - Semiconductors - III-V arsenides
Materials - Semiconductors - III-V nitrides
Materials - Semiconductors - III-V phosphides
Materials - Semiconductors - Si and Ge
Materials - Hardness
Materials - Types of point and extended defects
Processing recipes
Fibonacci series

Some pictures of educational interest:
1800s Colladon - the guiding of light
1880s Thorium gas light
1927 Clinton Davisson and Lester Germer
1927 Electron and x-ray diffraction
1947 First point contact transistor-1
1947 First point contact transistor-2
1947 First point contact transistor-3
1947 First transistor (after PBS 1999)
1949 First junction transistor (Shockley et al)
1949 Inventors of point-contact and junction transistor
1950 Shockley parking garage model
1950s Shockley model of JFET
1962 First GaAsP laser diode (Holonyak & Bevacqua)
1962 First GaAs laser diode (Lincoln Laboratories)
1970 First cw semiconductor laser on US penny
1970 First cw semiconductor laser Hayashi and Panish
1982 First HEMT (Fujitsu Corp Japan)
1989 Delta doped heterostructure mobility vs T (Schubert et al)
1990 Mobility in AlGaAs-GaAs vs year (Pfeiffer et al)
1992 First RCLED (Schubert et al)
1995 Si FET with tenth micron gate length (after AT&T Corp)
1999 RCLED Mitel Corp
2000 RCLED 650nm Osram Corp

Other resources:
Greek alphabet
Quotes relating to engineering and science
Plot Curve tracer
Plot Lin-lin
Plot Lin-log
Plot Log-log
Plot Polar plot
Plot Probability paper
Unix - basic commands
Procedure to scan publication for posting on web

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