These lectures were recorded from Spring 2014's offering of ECSE-6969 at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. They accompany my textbook Computer Vision for Visual Effects, published by Cambridge University Press in Fall 2012. See more information at

You may also be interested in my annotated course lectures for Introduction to Image Processing and Digital Signal Processing.

Lecture 1: Overview of Computer Vision and Visual Effects

Lecture 2: Bluescreen and Bayesian matting

Lecture 3: Closed-form matting

Lecture 4: MRF and Random Walk Matting

Lecture 5: Graph cut segmentation, video matting, and matting extensions

Lecture 6: Multiresolution blending and Poisson image editing

Lecture 7: Photomontage and Image Inpainting

Lecture 8: Image Retargeting and Recompositing

Lecture 9: Feature detectors

Lecture 10: Feature descriptors

Lecture 11: Feature evaluation and use

Lecture 12: Parametric Transformations and Scattered Data Interpolation

Lecture 13: Optical Flow

Lecture 14: Epipolar Geometry

Lecture 15: Stereo correspondence

Lecture 16: Video matching, morphing, and view synthesis

Lecture 17: Image formation and single-camera calibration

Lecture 18: Stereo rig calibration and projective reconstruction

Lecture 19: Euclidean reconstruction and bundle adjustment

Lecture 20: Motion capture setup and forward kinematics

Lecture 21: Inverse kinematics and motion editing

Lecture 22: Facial and markerless motion capture

Lecture 23: LiDAR and time-of-flight sensing

Lecture 24: Structured light scanning

Lecture 25: Multiview stereo

Lecture 26: 3D features and registration

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