Active Grants & Projects


Projects at RPI

1.     Efficient Effects-based Military Planning (funded by Army Research Office )

2.     Automated Alignment and Segmentation for Electron Tomography (funded by NSF and NIH, with Bruce McEwen from Wadsworth)

3.     Face detection from video imagery (funded by TSWG, the DOD Combating Terrorism Initiative)

4.     Dynamic and Active Information Fusion for High Level Situation Assessment and Prediction (funded by AFOSR and ARO )

5.     A Multi-Sensory Vision System for Monitoring Driver's Vigilance (Honda R & D)

6.     User Affect Recognition for Active User Assistance (DARPA/ONR and RPI, with Wayne Gray)

7.     Performance Evaluation of Computer Vision Algorithms (funded by RPI Start-up fund)


Previous Projects at UNR

1.     Monitoring human fatigue using computer vision (funded by AFOSR)

2.     Dynamic Bayesian Networks for Information fusion (funded by ARO)

We gratefully acknowledge the support from NSF, NIH, AFOSR, ARO, DOD TSWG, ONR, DARPA, Honda, Wadsworth , and the RPI’s Office of Vice-President for Research.


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