Rensselaer High Frequency Integrated Circuits (RHFIC)Laboratory


Principal Investigator – Mona M. Hella
Assistant Professor, Electrical, Computer, and Systems Eng.

JEC 6008,

110 8th St., Troy, NY 12180

Tel: (518) 276-6314





Research Statement

The main focus of our laboratory is on high frequency integrated circuits and their applications in various disciplines. This includes software defined radio and/or cognitive radio circuits and systems. Circuits for bio-applications through collaboration with the biomedical engineering department (prof. Ledet’s group), and Wadsworth labs.

Hybrid RF/Optical communication systems for mobile area networks are also being pursued in collaboration with the networking group (prof. Kalyanaraman, and prof. Yuksel), as well as the implementation of 3D circuits for mm-wave smart antenna transceivers.


We design and implement our circuits using a variety of device technologies; standard silicon CMOS and SiGe technologies, as well as GaN technologies for high power applications. Our 3D wafer-level fabrication is made possible by our on-campus Micro and Nano Fabrication Clean Room (MNCR) facilities.


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