These are a few of my favorite poems written by my classmates in the fifth grade at West Sand Lake School. I hope you enjoy them.


By Russell Blair

Winter is white as a fluffy cloud
Winter is soft as a pillow
Winter is as cold as ice
In winter kids play
In winter kids sleigh
It will freeze your hands
It will freeze your toes
It will even freeze the snowman's nose!

My Pets

By Lacey Broughton

I have a dog
But I don't have a hog
My dog's name is Missy
When she's mad
She doesn't go hissy
I have a cat
But not a bat
My cat's name is jinx
But he's not a lynx
I had a fish
When he died
I didn't eat him on a dish
My fish's name was Freddy
He had two friends named
Eddy and Teddy
I tried to make this rhyme
Well, I did this time

The Ball

By Steven Caverly

The bounce of the ball
Either short or tall
Will make it to the rim
From the effort within


By Heather Clark

Love is a special thing
You can love someone like your parents and family
Even your grandparents
Love is special in every way, all the time
Love is great

Falling Snow

By Amanda Colomb

When the snow's falling, it looks pretty
It looks like a big white blanket
That covers all of New York state
When the snow falls
The snowflakes are all different shapes and sizes
You always hope school's out
So you can build a snowman and have
A grand old time


By Holly Fiato

Adventures, adventures
Are so much fun
You can meet anyone
You can take a trip to the sun
You never know what could be done
How many, I don't know
But there's more than one
That is cool
Or take a trip to the moon
Please come back sometime soon
Go as far as I can see
Let me suggest the stars are the best most definitely
But wherever you go you have to let your mother know
Now my poem is almost done
Make sure to have fun


By Sam Hamlin

When you are one it's a lot of fun
When you are two you chew on a shoe
When you are three you learn to go pee
When you are five you learn to high dive
When you are six you learn to do picks
When you are seven you learn about heaven
When you are eight you learn to ice skate
When you are nine you learn to rhyme
Now that I'm ten I'm learning again

I Love My Mom And Dad

By Alison King

I love my mom and my dad
They never like to see me sad
They listen to me and give me food
And teach me never to be rude
When I'm board we sometimes play
They give me kisses at the end of the day

Glow Worm

By Rachel Mazur

Never talk to a glow worm
Such as "What do you know worm?"
"How's it down below worm?"
"Guess your quite a slow worm."
No, just say
"Hello worm!"


By Peter Minotti

Adventures are cool
Some can be scary
You can go out into the woods
Try something daring
Going rock climbing
Looking for treasure
The mountains
The ocean
No matter the weather


By Evan Musolino

The fire glows in the fireplace
The winter wind whipping at your face
The snow is falling on the ground
The atmosphere is happy all around

The Busy Bee

By Adam Pasquale

There is a busy bee
And her name is Mrs. Blumberg
She works at West Sand Lake
And teaches lots of kids
She will fly around the room
And check on all your work
She will make you write poems
And make you write reports
If you bring in all your work
She will give you a bee stamp
So you better watch out
She's a busy bee


By Nikki Peterson

In spring the birds chirp
In spring you can finally take off your coat
In spring you can bike ride without fear of ice
In spring birds build nests
In spring new life begins!

Places to Love

By Michael Rosney

Places to love are the woods
Places to love are high in a tree
Places to love are at home
Places to love are at school
Places to love are up on a hill
These are places to love


By William Skinner

A voice of amphibians chirping
A music that fills up the night
Thousands of small voices together
Creating a colossal chorus
Making a wondrous song
Coming from nowhere
The music takes flight
Mysterious of origin it is
Peepers, oh Peepers
What a beautiful noise you make


By Emily Staugaitis

Sun bug, sun bug come out to play
The sun is shining, it's a wonderful day
Moon bug, moon bug come out tonight
The moon is glittering silver and bright
Tree bug, tree bug come climb the tree
It's very nice as you will see
Ground bug, ground bug come out to eat
The grass is new and very sweet
Star bug, star bug blink your little light
We will fly the sky with all our might
Rain bug, rain bug come splash with me
We will laugh, "Hee, hee, hee"

School is Cool

By Michael TenEyck

School is cool
School is fun
Kids writing
Kids fighting
Teachers teaching
Students sleeping
Anna eating a banana
Danny looking at Annie's fanny
Sassy looking so classy
Mrs. B looking so happily
Outside on the playground
Susan tripped and fell
Sammy got in a fight
With Ben Mickdell
Melissa picked a daisy
And Adam went crazy
Alison shouted coodies
While Mikey shook his boody


By Kristen Voller

Since Kindergarten I've learned a lot of sewing
In second grade I learned plants need sowing
In third grade I learned and had fun rowing
In fourth grade my dad taught me mowing
Now I'm in fifth grade
I will keep on growing!

Kirsten Shay

By Melissa Welch

Kirsten Shay is six months old
She's my cousin I've been told
Her eyes are big, with bright blue
What I like most in her room is pooh
I can't imagine her grown
But soon it will be shown
She can already lift her head
And she doesn't want to go to bed
Kirsten Shay is six months old
She's my cousin I've been told