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You have just stumbled into the home page that was created out of the demand that I have a home page whether there was an actual need for one or not.

Russell P. Kraft
Senior Research Scientist (was my official title in 2002)
Adjunct Assistant Professor (what most think I am)
Muddling Researcher (but this is what I like to do)
Lecturer (for whatever it means, this is what they want to call me)

Electrical, Computer and Systems Engineering Department
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Troy, NY 12180

My Resume  

F-RISC Research Program 

Embedded Control Course (requires LMS account)

Electronic Instrumentation Course (inactive)

Microprocessor Systems Course 

Real-Time Applications Course 

Freeloading Dependent (emeritus) - RL 

Freeloading Dependent - SB 

Freeloading Dependent - DJ 

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An update was necessary from 2009 because someone accidently discovered this page and then spilled the beans! So much for peaceful anonymity.